Travel Trailer Rental

A wide range of shapes and sizes makes the travel trailer a versatile RV. Ranging from a compact 8 feet to a spacious 40+ feet, travel trailers can accommodate even the most discerning camper. Their simple design and functionality dates back to the late 1800s, when the first leisure caravan was built. Caravanning became a popular pastime shortly thereafter. Let’s take a look at what makes this classic RV a favored choice for many.

Vehicle Overview

# of Traveler Seats up to 9
Sleeps up to 12
Size 8' - 40' Long
6.5' - 8.5' Wide
Features Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Bathroom and shower, Air conditioning and heating, Convertible dinette/couch, Bedroom with wardrobe, Entertainment center, TV

Pros & Cons

You’ll find people on both sides of the fence with any RV, and travel trailer rentals are no different.


  • One of the biggest draws to travel trailer rental is the sheer variety of sizes and layouts. There’s a nearly endless array of floorplans, and even the tiniest of trailers utilize space ingeniously.
  • Modern design allows us to rent travel trailer that is enormous, yet sturdy, and is full of innovative technology.
  • Being towable, travel trailers offer more convenience over a large motorhome – if you need to run into town after setting up camp, all you have to do is unhitch and go.
  • Travel trailer rental prices are often affordable, providing an economical way to travel.


  • The tow-ability is also a reason people may not like travel trailers; if you don’t have experience towing, you may not be comfortable pulling a 5,000-pound box behind you.
  • If you don’t already have an appropriate tow vehicle, the upfront costs of buying a trailer, hitch, and truck can cost more than a motorized RV.
  • Traveling is the same as when you travel in a car or truck – you don’t have the amenities like a bathroom or bedroom on board like you would in a Class A or C RV.

Towing a Travel Trailer

Travel trailers attach behind your tow vehicle using a tow hitch. Because of this, they’re susceptible to high winds and tend to bump and sway as you’re driving down the road. Backing up with a travel trailer takes a bit of finagling and a lot of patience. Obviously, you’ll likely want to get some practice in before you rent or buy one. Since there’s such a wide variety of trailer sizes, there are a number of appropriate tow vehicles. The smallest travel trailers can be towed with a regular car (some can even be towed with a motorcycle!). Mid-sized travel trailers call for a pickup truck or SUV. Large trailers and toy haulers can weigh more than 12,000 pounds, and thus require a heavy-duty truck or SUV specifically designed to tow heavy loads.

Renting a Travel Trailer

Travel trailers for rent are readily available and easy to find. People use them for vacation, as temporary homes, or as accommodations at an event. If you’re looking for travel trailer rentals near me, some RV rental companies will even bring one to an event and set it up for you! Simply search for, “travel trailers for rent near me” in your web browser. If you’re looking to rent a travel trailer that you plan to tow yourself, it’s best to research your tow vehicle’s weight limits before you start looking. You don’t want to make the mistake of renting a trailer, only to show up and realize you can’t tow it. Keep in mind that even if you have to rent a smaller trailer, you won’t have to compromise on comfort: smaller travel trailers still come with most of the amenities that larger models do. Check out our nationwide inventory to rent travel trailers that meet your needs, which you can sort by size and price.

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