Toy Hauler Rental

Toy haulers are truly the chameleons of the RVing world. Also known as “sport utility RVs”, or SURVs, these travel trailers offer both living space and a large cargo port, which allow you to bring your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, watercraft, golf cart, or other large “toy” along for the trip.

These travel trailers do require a tow vehicle to operate: generally, a very large diesel-powered truck.

Vehicle Overview

# of Traveler Seats up to 8
Sleeps up to 8
Size 12' - 42' Long
7' - 8.5' Wide
Features Loading Ramp, Refrigerator, Microwave, Stove, Full bathroom, Shower, Dinette, Clean water tanks, Wastewater tanks, AC/DC battery systems, Electric brakes, Slide-outs

Pros and Cons

Toy hauler rentals are a unique solution for families who want to travel with their large recreational vehicle or motorcycle. These RVs also offer the same benefits as other travel trailers in that they generally feature large, open floor plans with many comfortable amenities.

RV toy hauler rentals come in a huge range of sizes, from tiny 12’ “mini-haulers” all the way up to 36’, fifth-wheel deluxe models. Therefore, you have a lot of flexibility to choose the specific model that best suits you and your circumstances. If you’re just traveling solo and want to bring your snowmobile, for example, a small, light model might be perfect — but if you want the lap of luxury for you, your large family and your ATV, you can find that, too!

One important note when you rent toy hauler, however, is that toy haulers do require a tow vehicle. This is a good thing in one sense because it means you’ll always have a smaller vehicle available for day trips at your destination. But keep in mind that toy haulers are heavy, especially when filled with their cargo — gross weights can easily top 20,000 pounds! That kind of weight necessitates the purchase or rental of a very large truck to tow the vehicle, usually 3/4- or even 1-ton diesel models. These trucks can be very expensive to purchase and maintain, and may not have much utility outside of towing the camper.


  • Customizable to your needs. Since toy haulers come in such a wide array of sizes and types, you’re sure to find one that’s perfectly suited to your circumstance.
  • Luxurious amenities. In many cases, even small toy haulers for rent include full-sized beds and bathrooms to keep your road trip comfortable and convenient.
  • The best way to bring your toy along for the ride. If you want to have your extra set of wheels with you at your destination, a toy hauler for rent is the best way to go. Although you could tow your motorcycle or another small vehicle behind a Class A or Class C motorhome, you’d forego having a standard towed vehicle like a car. And if you want the unparalleled floor space and cargo room of a travel trailer, there’s no other way to bring your small vehicle along.


  • Necessitates a tow vehicle.Unlike all-inclusive motorhomes (such as Class A, B, and C models), travel trailers require you to find, use, and maintain a large tow vehicle — generally a diesel truck. These vehicles are expensive and large, and thus might not make for ideal family vehicles outside of towing your RV.
  • Doesn’t allow for use of amenities while driving. As with all travel trailers, when you tow a toy hauler, you’ll be stuck in the car as usual for the actual “tripping” portion of your road trip. That means every time someone needs to use the restroom or wants a snack, you’ll have to pull over. (In other words, get ready for some, “Are we there yet?”)
  • Lack of maneuverability. Vehicles towed by a hitch mechanism render backing up, making multi-point turns, and venturing down narrow or treacherous roadways difficult, if not impossible. You’ll need to be alert to the risk of jack-knifing the vehicle, and also adjust your driving in general to compensate for towing an extraordinary amount of weight.

Driving a Toy Hauler

Driving any sort of travel trailer or towed vehicle is a totally different beast than the day-to-day driving you’re likely used to. In fact, in some states, you might even need a special license to drive such a large, weighty set-up, since it requires such different driving habits than a regular car, SUV, or truck.

The most important thing to keep in mind when driving a toy hauler is the immensity of the weight you’re dragging behind you. This weight means that if you drive on inclines or slopes, your tow vehicle will literally be pushed by the RV behind it on the downgrade. This is also a risk you’ll encounter in slick conditions, such as rain or snow, even if you’re driving on a level plane.

Always drive much more slowly and carefully than you would in your regular city vehicle, and remember that it’ll take a lot more time to slow down (or speed up!) with your rig dragging behind you. Leave ample space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, don’t try to stop or start on a dime. If you do, you might find yourself skidding or otherwise losing control of your rig. Slamming on the breaks can also interfere with the operation of the electric brake systems with which many travel trailers are equipped, which aid in a more gradual deceleration.

Renting a Toy Hauler

Toy hauler rental offers some complications because you need to rent, or otherwise acquire, a tow vehicle as well as the RV itself. If you don’t already have a very large truck, it can be difficult to find a rental facility that offers them — most large, commercial car dealerships like Enterprise don’t keep 1-ton trucks on their rental fleet. Even if you do already have your own truck, you’ll need to ensure it’s capable of towing the gross weight of the toy hauler you choose, and also that the correct hitch is installed.

Some RV rental dealerships might offer toy haulers for rent with tow vehicles included. This would be your simplest option. Otherwise, you’ll need to source commercial truck dealerships to see if you can find a capable tow vehicle for rent.

Searching for toy hauler rental near me? Online peer-to-peer marketplaces offer toy haulers and all sorts of other RV models for rent directly from private owners. RV owners list their vehicles online when they’d otherwise be sitting empty, and then are matched with trustworthy renters like you. These privately-rented vehicles are usually listed for a fraction of the price you might expect to pay at a large dealership and are well-appointed and comfortable since they’re actually used and loved by real families.

You can check out toy haulers for rent near me, and also browse other RV models right here on RVRentalGuide! It’s easy to filter by size, type, price, and availability — and your rentals come complete with 24/7 roadside assistance and travel concierge, too.

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