Fifth Wheel Trailer Rental

Ready to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern day city life? Do you crave adventure both on and off road? If so, a Fifth Wheel camper is the one for you. With the comforts of home on the inside and the great outdoors on the outside, you’ll feel more serene, in touch with nature, and that much happier. Let’s talk about what makes a Fifth Wheel a family favorite, as well as the pros & cons to Fifth Wheels.

Vehicle Overview

# of Traveler Seats up to 10
Sleeps up to 10
Size 22' - 45' Long
7' - 8.5' Wide
Features Full sized shower, Washer/Dryer (optional), Master bedroom (with queen or king sized bed), Bunk beds, Dinette, Slide outs (for additional width), TVs, Water Tanks

Pros & Cons

So, what makes towable 5th Wheel rentals so great? What does it lack? While Fifth Wheels are a favorite to many people, will it work for you and your family? Let’s go over some of the pros & cons when it comes to 5th wheels for rent, to give you a better understanding about this RV and all of its amenities.


  • More living space. When you rent a Fifth Wheel trailer, you won’t be driving the actual trailer, so you won’t have to deal with a cockpit filled with seats, a steering wheel, or a dashboard. Without these items, you’ll have more room for storage, as well as extra bedrooms and living room space. Not to mention the ceilings in a Fifth Wheel are a lot taller than you average sized RV.
  • Towing is easier than you think. Have you ever driven a large trailer and felt the back end sway a bit while making turns? With a Fifth Wheel rental, you won’t feel any of that! This means that switching lanes, backing up, and taking turns won’t affect your driving ability. Fifth Wheels have an excellent tow connection, whereas a trailer doesn’t always attach the right way, causing your vehicle to sway while driving.
  • You can go off-road. While traveling, you may see an old dirt road that leads you into a field where you can be secluded from city lights (as well as people). If you were in any old RV, you wouldn’t be able to get to that perfect area. However, a Fifth Wheel rental allows you to go off-roading a bit! You’re also able to flip the axles on a Fifth Wheel, which will help you a lot when driving up a bumpy mountain. We don’t suggest you switch up the axles when you’re renting, though!
  • Plenty of storage space. Most Fifth Wheels come with a basement storage facility, which means family vacations have never been easier! Not only will you have extra storage compartments on the outside of the Fifth Wheel, but you’ll have an ample amount of storage inside as well. This is great news for huge families that always seem to bring too much when going on vacation.


  • You need the right vehicle to tow Fifth Wheels. A standard truck or van just won’t cut it. When you rent a 5th Wheel, you’ll need a medium or large heavy-duty pickup truck. Meaning, if you don’t already have a heavy duty pickup truck, these won’t be accessible to you.
  • You can’t get to the living quarters while driving. While this may not be a big deal to you and your family, it’s something to consider. Because you’ll be using a heavy duty pickup truck to tow a Fifth Wheel, you may feel cramped while driving to your campsite. No matter how much you’d like to walk back to the bedroom to stretch your legs (or how badly you have to use the bathroom), you can’t. That is unless you stop at a rest area!
  • Hitching and unhitching take practice. It takes a while to master a new skill and learning to properly hitch and unhitch a Fifth Wheel will come as a challenge in itself. With your standard motorhome, it’s easy to just get in and drive. When you rent a Fifth Wheel camper, it’ll take a little more practice (meaning, they’ll take up more of your time).

Driving With A Fifth Wheel

The Fifth Wheel camper has what’s called a “Gooseneck hitch” that hooks up into the back of a heavy duty truck bed. Because you’re hooking the Fifth Wheel directly into the truck bed, you get much better stability when driving (meaning, no more swaying on the road)!

Many people say that Fifth Wheels are one of the best options when it comes to towable campers. With a travel trailer, you’re able to feel the wind pushing the RV, even when you’re not experiencing high winds. It’s a lot harder to maneuver into another lane while towing a travel trailer because of this, too. Not to mention how difficult it can be to keep the travel trailer steady when driving.

You won’t have to worry about any of this when you tow and rent Fifth Wheel, though. Because it’s hitched directly into the truck bed, it goes with your truck, not against it. There won’t be an issue when trying to get into another lane (meaning your Fifth Wheel won’t be half in your lane half in the opposite lane) and you’ll soon forget that you’re even towing anything. It’s that easy!

Like all towable vehicles, though, it’s best to practice driving them before experiencing them on the open road. If you’re uncomfortable driving with a big rig like the Fifth Wheel, make sure you give yourself time to practice. This way, you’ll know what turning feels like (as well as backing up, switching lanes, and breaking).

Renting A Fifth Wheel

Now that we’ve talked in depth about a Fifth Wheel, it’s time to rent one! The two most common ways to rent an RV are meeting the RV owner face-to-face or planning it completely online. While meeting the RV owner face-to-face may provide you with more peace of mind, setting everything up online can be a quicker and more streamlined approach.

Meeting the owner of the RV you’re planning to rent lets you learn a little more about the RV upfront, including any unique qualities or problems, as well as allows you to make a connection with the owner, potentially making future rentals easy and worry-free.

If the idea of driving out to meet the owner ahead of your rental seems like too much of a time commitment, or simply isn’t feasible, you can make all of your arrangements online. You will still be able to contact the owner of the RV and ask any questions you may have, ensuring you feel totally comfortable moving forward.

If you talk to the owner, whether in person or over the phone, there is no obligation to rent the RV if you feel uneasy in any way. You should never move forward with a rental unless you are completely confident.

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