Class C RV Rental

Ready to rent the RV of your dreams? If so, and you’re interested in the Class C motorhome, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to talk about everything that a Class C has to offer, from sleeping areas to storage compartments.

Vehicle Overview

# of Traveler Seats up to 8
Sleeps up to 10
Size 20' - 34' Long
8' - 8.5' Wide
Features Beds, Bathroom, Shower, Heat & A/C, Storage, Kitchen, Couch, Dinette, Slide-outs (for additional width), TVs

Pros & Cons

Before you settle on a Class C motorhome rental, let’s take a hard look at the pros & cons! There are multiple things to think about before renting an RV and it’s important to know the tiny details that go into each one.


  • Easy to drive. As stated before, many people say that driving a Class C RV is similar to driving a moving van or truck. Apart from not being able to take extremely sharp turns, maneuvering around in a Class C will be a breeze.
  • Easy to set up & take down. Class C RV rentals are extremely easy to set up at a campground, especially if you have auto leveler jacks. The most you’ll have to do when you get to the campground is unload everything (as well as bring the slide outs and awning out if you have them). If you don’t have an auto leveler, you’ll have to manually use the jacks to level the RV, but doing that will only take about 10-15 minutes of your time. When leaving the campground, you’ll have to remove the jacks, pull the slide outs in, and bring the awning up. Once that’s done, you have to make sure that all of your loose items are tucked away (so they don’t fall and break while you’re driving).
  • Alternator available while driving. With a lot of RVs, you’re unable to use the fridge, toilet, shower, microwave, and sink while driving. An RV Class C for rent is able to use the alternator while in motion, which is great if you have a passenger who needs to use the bathroom, is hungry, or wants to shower before arriving at the destination. Apart from that, you’ll know that the food you have in the fridge stays cold (no more eggs, milk, or meat going bad).
  • Plenty of seating/sleeping areas. The Class C RV is able to seat (as well as sleep) up to six people. There are plenty of seatbelts in the RV to ensure that your passengers are safe while driving, located on the couch and dinette. When you’re at the campground, the couch pulls out into a bed, the dinette drops down into a bed, and more often than not, you’ll have a small sleeping nook located above the driver and passenger seat.
  • Plenty of storage. Storage can be found almost everywhere in a Class C RV. There are tons of storage containers on the outside of the RV, however, some are a lot smaller than others. That being said, you’ll usually have one storage area that goes through the width of the RV. Apart from the outside storage containers, you’ll have storage under the dinette, the couch, under the bed in the master bedroom, as well as cabinets throughout the entire RV. It’s important to know that you shouldn’t go overboard when packing and storing items, though. Putting too much weight in your RV could cause it to move a lot slower, or eventually break down.


  • You’ll need separate transportation. When you get to the campground you’re staying at, you’ll need a gameplan for how to get into town or wherever you’d like to go. If you want to bring your own car with you on the trip, you need to hitch it to the back of the RV (which can cost a fair amount of money). Not to mention, attaching a car to the back of the RV will make the RV a lot slower when driving (as well as eat gas along the way).
  • Poor gas mileage. Remember how we said that driving a Type C RV rental is similar to driving a moving van or a truck? With that said, it eats gas like one, too. Driving for long periods of time can be extremely pricey (especially if you have a lot of weight in the RV or a car attached to the back). Gas alone could range anywhere from $300 – $750 (or more) depending on how far you take the RV.
  • Size matters. A lot of RV parks will only take RVs that are 30 feet in length and under. If you have a 31 to 33 foot Class C, they may or may not bend the rules for you. That being said, there are also RV parks that only allow Class C motorhomes. There may be times where you have to stay at a truck/rest stop or a Walmart parking lot for the night.

Driving a Class C RV

Driving a Class C RV isn’t as hard as you might think! While you’re not able to take extremely sharp turns in a Class C, your driving will not be affected when you get behind the wheel.

Many first-time RVers go with Class C motorhomes for rent because the feeling you get while driving it is as natural as the feeling you’d have while driving a car! You’re able to tow cars behind a Class C RV, but make sure you know how much weight you’re able to attach. Adding an extra couple hundred pounds behind your RV when you have your household belongings inside of your RV can be risky.

If you’re nervous about driving a Class C RV, take the time to practice in an empty parking lot. Try to align the RV in the parking spots perfectly. Like everything, practice makes perfect. If you’re uncomfortable driving the RV on the roads, the best thing you can do for yourself (as well as other drivers) is get as much practice in as possible.

Renting a Class C RV

Now that you have a better idea as to what the Class C Motorhome has to offer, it’s time to find the perfect one for you (and your family) to rent. So, how do you go about renting the perfect RV?

It shouldn’t be too difficult to rent a Class C RV, simply search for Class C RV rentals near me. Class C RVs are popular to rent, because they provide a home on wheels and make traveling a breeze. The amenities of home, including a working bathroom, kitchen, and comfortable bedroom, are up and running for the entire trip. Renting online allows you to review many different Class C RVs that are available. Once you select your dates and location, you’ll find a whole list of RVs that meet your needs, as well as various Class C RV rental rates. You will be able to ask the owner any questions you have, bring up any concerns, and look for an RV that has the amenities that are important to you.

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