Class B RV Rental

If you’re looking for a compact, but still well-appointed recreational vehicle, a Class B motorhome might be the perfect fit.

Class B motorhomes, also known as “semi-integrated” motorhomes, campervans, or sleeper vans, are small but comfortable RVs built into the body of standard passenger or work vans. For this reason, they’re relatively light, fuel-efficient, and maneuverable; not to mention affordable among RVs of similar size. Furthermore, they’re fully enclosed and don’t require a tow vehicle to operate, which means you have one less engine to worry about.

Vehicle Overview

# of Traveler Seats up to 4
Sleeps up to 4
Size 18' - 24' Long
7' - 8' Wide
Features Full size beds, Kitchenettes, Stove burners, Sink, Refrigerator, Microwave, Wet bath, Heat & air conditioning, Couch, TV, Clean water tanks, Wastewater tanks

Pros & Cons

Class B RV rentals can be a great way to see the country if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of space for a lot of flexibility. After all, you’re going to be too busy adventuring to spend much time inside anyway! If you’re looking for an intimate way to travel solo, or take a romantic road trip with your significant other, a Class B motorhome for rent is hard to beat for its ease of use and affordability. Class B rental vans truly balance comfort with accessibility.


  • Affordable. Class B RV rental rates are the most affordable self-enclosed recreational vehicles, and they don’t require the added expense of purchasing and maintaining a tow vehicle.
  • Easy to drive. Many people find the idea of driving a large recreational vehicle intimidating. A Class B campervan rental will offer these drivers some relief, because they’re some of the most compact RVs available. If you can drive a standard van, you can drive a Class B rental camper!
  • Greater maneuverability. Since a Type B RV rental will be small and relatively light, you’ll find it’s easier to navigate the vehicle on narrow or rough roads, or within urban areas. It’s also easier to perform simple maneuvers like reversing, turning around, or making a three-point turn.
  • Ease of storage when not in use. A Class B RV for rent will easily fit in most standard driveways, so you don’t need to worry about finding storage space when your vacation’s over. It’s even small enough to double as your family’s regular, day-to-day vehicle!
  • Better fuel efficiency. Some Class B camper van rentals can achieve between 18 and 25 miles per gallon. Compare this to bigger Class C and Class A motorhomes, which often get as few as 6 miles to the gallon — talk about an improvement! The Class B RV’s smaller tanks are also more affordable to fill, so you’ll experience less sticker shock at the pump.


  • Limited living space. It can be either a pro or a con depending on your personal circumstances, but it’s an undeniable fact: An RV rental Class B is quite small! Although some of them may technically be able to sleep more than a couple, they’re best suited for very small parties (1-2 people) — and even still, there won’t be much room to stretch out.
  • Limited storage space. Just as this smaller model offers less room for people, you’ll find you’ve got less room for your stuff, too. RVing is always an exercise in minimalist living, but if you have a lot of bulky outdoor adventure gear, this could put a damper on your trip.
  • Limited amenities. Not every Class B RV has all of the amenities listed above, and some lack the comfort of full-sized bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. You may have to make do on a pull-out bed or create meals with only a mini fridge and single stove burner, for instance.

Driving a Class B RV

This is one of the best parts of choosing to rent Class B RV for your vacation: they’re some of the simplest camper models to drive and operate.

Since they’re built into standard van chassis, they’re not much different than a passenger van from a driving perspective — though some may draw additional height due to raised roofs for improved passenger mobility. (Always know your vehicle clearance before you go!) Class B campers are also close in dimension to a standard vehicle’s width, and these smaller RVs offer greater driver visibility and fewer blind spots than other, larger motorhomes might.

It is important to keep in mind, however, when driving any RV, that it is likely heavier than the standard vehicle you are used to driving. A Class B RV can weigh up to 11,000 pounds, whereas even the largest SUVs usually don’t weigh in at more than 6,000. This increased weight can make driving in icy or rainy conditions more dangerous because it can increase your chance of skidding. Always keep more room between you and the vehicle in front of you than you think you might need (at least three car-lengths’ distance), and drive even more slowly and carefully than you otherwise might. When your vehicle weighs more, it takes longer to stop, so you want to give yourself plenty of time to brake!

Renting a Class B RV

When it comes to searching Class B RV rental near me, you might find that some local rental facilities and dealerships don’t keep this model on their rental fleets. That’s because most vacationers automatically think of Class A or Class C campers when they’re considering renting an RV for their big family vacation.

However, if you call around to rental dealerships in your area, you may find that some do offer Class B motorhomes for rent. Furthermore, since these motorhomes are smaller and more affordable (as mentioned above), they may be offered at a less expensive nightly rate than their larger counterparts.

Another option for renting a Class B motorhome is to rent directly from an owner. An easy way to accomplish this is to check out the peer-to-peer market. RVshare is the largest of such online markets, and it helps private RV owners find trustworthy renters like you so they can make extra cash off their vehicles when they’d otherwise be sitting empty.

RV owners all across America list their vehicles on RVshare, so no matter where you are, you can find models of every shape, size, and type — including Class B campers. Since the vehicles are owned by regular people who don’t have to worry about the overhead cost of running a business, the rentals are generally very affordable, especially when compared to dealership prices. In some markets, you can find certain RVs available at less than $10 per night!

Another benefit to RVshare is the transparency of the fee structure. RV rental dealerships might list their vehicles for rent at a certain nightly rate, but then pile on hidden fees that drive up the bottom line. Many of these fees are unavoidable, and are levied for non-negotiables like cleaning and preparing the RV. You may also be charged for additional insurance, or for your travel mileage. While some owners on RVshare charge similar fees, all of these are laid out in the listing ahead of time. Furthermore, your rental will come with complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance and travel concierge, so you don’t have to worry about being stranded without help on the road.

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