Class A RV Rental

You’re probably familiar with the Class A RV; its classic bus shape is easy to spot. This motorhome can be one of the most luxurious of all, with some top-of-the-line models costing into the millions! Class A RVs are completely self-contained, meaning they have all the amenities you need to survive, right inside the unit. Some manufacturers go beyond the necessities with washer/dryers, fireplaces, and other high-end amenities.

Vehicle Overview

# of Traveler Seats up to 8
Sleeps up to 10
Size 25' - 45' Long
8' - 8.5' Wide
Features Master bedroom, Bathroom with a shower, Refridgerator, Stove, and Microwave, Air conditioning, Washer/dryer combo, Wardrobe, Sofa and dinette areas, Entertainment center with flat-screen TV, Underbody storage

Pros & Cons

Like driving any other type of recreational vehicle, a Class A motorhome rental will have its pros and cons. If you spend a lot of time in your RV, a Class A will offer the most convenience and comfort. But they are also quite large, meaning they’ll use up more gas and be harder to maneuver. Learn the pros and cons when you rent class A RV.


  • With all the features you would find at home, you’ll be able to travel anywhere, anytime.
  • Roomy basement storage offers plenty of space for outdoor gear and sports equipment.
  • Amenities like a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen ensure comfort while on the road.
  • Class A RV rental rates make for a more affordable way to travel in luxury.


  • Their larger size means they’re not very fuel-efficient, averaging about 6 -10 mpg.
  • Driving a Class A for rent is like driving a bus, so it’ll take a few lessons to get the hang of it.
  • Getting into a campground can be a real problem if your type A motorhome rental is 30 feet long or more. You’ll want to get a tow vehicle or bikes for running errands unless you don’t mind driving the RV into town.
  • Class A RV rental cost may be more than other RV options, due to their large size and extensive features and amenities.

Driving a Class A RV

Gas Versus Diesel

Class A RVs are powered by either gas or diesel. Diesel Class As, also known as diesel pushers, are commonly regarded as superior because of their reliability and lifespan. While gas RVs are built to last around 200,000 miles or so, diesel RVs can go for 500,000 miles or more. Diesel RVs are also more fuel-efficient than their gas counterparts. They generally offer a more natural driving experience because of their construction. However, although diesel RVs need maintenance less frequently, maintenance and repairs are very expensive, and diesel mechanics are hard to find. Furthermore, diesel RVs cost almost twice as much as gas RVs, with the average price tag starting around $300,000. Don’t be fooled, though, gas Class A’s can be just as luxurious as diesel ones, and even have a few advantages over diesel. Thus, the debate of which is better continues indefinitely.

Bus Conversions

Bus conversions, though considered Class A RVs, are in a category all their own. These show-stoppers are the height of luxury, topping the charts in length, features, and appearance. Bus conversions are almost always of the diesel variety, and they can either be manual or automatic. They come in many shapes and sizes, from school buses to vintage city transit buses. Prevost, Silver Eagle, and MCI are a few of the top names in luxury coaches. Of course, a high-end conversion calls for a high-end budget; luxury conversions can easily cost a few million dollars!

Renting a Class A RV

Class A RV rentals are a common choice, especially for families. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the RV, a Class A might be a good choice. You’ll have space to spread out and enjoy dinner and a movie, and plenty of privacy to take a hot shower and get a good night’s rest after a long day. If you’ve never rented an RV before, search for Class A RV rental near me, then watch a few tutorial videos to prepare you for driving and living in a Class A. When looking to rent a Class A RV rental, look for smaller sizes and older models to save the most money.

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